Order with your smartphone or a provided tablet right at the table.

  • fast and easy
  • costs less than any waiter
  • allways up to date
  • modern and innovative
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Higher Profit

With Clever.Menu you serve more clients with less staff. With the provided statistics you can also analyze and optimize your profit.

Happy Clients

Ordering with the App is fun and easy. It's a something the client happily remembers.

Efficient Service

With Clever.Menu your staff can serve more tables at the same time. This frees time to concentrate on the important things.

Further Benefits

for you:

allways up to date

With just a few clicks you can change any food. Even automatic changing between breakfast, dinner and lunch menus is possible.

error-free orders

Ordering with Clever.Menu everyone has all time he takes to decide. An overview of the current order makes it even more fool-proof.

more clients at peak times

With sped up table turn times you can serve more clients when it gets crowded.

realtime statistics

Find out which item sells best or how the days sales are going anytime.

for your clients:

no waiting

The client can order or request refills it any time. He does not have to wait for a server.

clean Design

The modern look and the possibility of ordering with an app makes your restaurant stand out of the masses. Even more important: the eye eats first.

Information about Foods and Drinks

pictures and videos make sure you order exactly what you want.

information and filters for alergics and vegetarians

Nutritional Values and Ingridients

How It works

Step 1

Launch the App or use a provided tablet.

Step 2

Check-in at your table by scanning the QR code or NFC tag.
(only required with the smartphone app)

Step 3

Choose something and order it.

For Restaurant Managers:


Enter menu items and photographs, place the table tents.

Daily Operation

Recieve orders at the status screen.

About Us

We are Lan and Leon.

We love to create. Since over four years we work together on various projects. They all have in common to try to innovate things.

To work with restraurants is especially rewarding, here we can support pleasure and tradition with modern tech.

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